Oak Bluff on Green Mountain is a naturalist’s dream.

The Oak Bluff community includes 6 common areas or parks on top of the mountain, totaling approximately 10 acres, to be enjoyed by all Oak Bluff residents.  Each of these common areas is linked together by a network of nature trails or public sidewalks.  Several of these common areas are Certified Wildlife Refuges by the National Wildlife Federation.

Indigenous wildlife abounds including deer, turtles, owls, wood ducks, and an occasional wild turkey.  These creatures roam the undeveloped Oak Bluff parks and common areas, and move freely up the bluff from hundreds of acres of protected and undeveloped land on the slopes of Green Mountain below.

In addition to these parks, a large 24 acre tract of heavily wooded land below the bluff, through which the City of Huntsville greenway passes, is to be left in a natural state.  A hiking trail follows a natural run-off stream connecting the Oak Bluff community at the top of Green Mountain to the large greenspace below the bluff, and there ties into the City of Huntsville greenway system.  This first trail is called Buzzard Falls and you can read a review of this trail here.

land trust sign off bf trail

Finally, Oak Bluff adjoins a large tract of protected land belonging to The Land Trust of North Alabama, which is immediately to the south of the Oak Bluff community.